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Keep an eye out for newsworthy content and keep these things in mind...

Here are some great tips to make your videos and photos more desirable to media organisations. 

  • Make sure you film and take photos in landscape orientation. It's the key to getting your videos and photos on the news or published - it's also an industry standard

  • Upload your content as soon as possible. Newsrooms are looking for footage of breaking news events as soon as they've occurred. Contributors who submit their exclusive content quickly also tend to be the most successful

  • Avoid sharing videos or photos on your social media, other websites or with your friends network

  • Media organisations are looking for 'breaking news' more than anything else and the value of your content depends on its exclusivity. Unfortunately, we can’t control where your media ends up, or who downloads it, if you post it on social media or any other website

  • Your safety is of the utmost importance. Please ensure you don't put yourself in harms way when filming your content

  • Don’t upload content you don’t have full rights to

  • Sometimes, less is more. If you’ve filmed a long video, consider reducing its length

  • Don’t compress the video before uploading it. Share the full-sized version with us and we’ll take care of the rest