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Get notified of nearby breaking news requests with iWitnessUpload

We're excited to help you break news in your area. Here's a quick guide to using iWitnessUpload. 

  • Submit content whenever you witness a newsworthy event. Upload your videos and photos exclusively to iWitnessUpload. Media organisations are looking for anything that might catch their attention. Chances are, if you find it interesting, our newsrooms will too.

  • Get notified of nearby breaking news requests.  iWitnessUpload issues breaking news alerts when a story is breaking in your area. Global newsrooms are always on the hunt for your valuable first-hand videos and photos. You'll be the first to know of nearby breaking news events, so that you can respond instantly.

  • Get paid.  Media organisations around the world will be given the opportunity to bid for, or purchase rights to share your content. Once an auction ends, your proceeds will be immediately credited to your account, which you will be able to redeem instantly.

  • See what others are uploading. We'll share exclusive, breaking news content uploaded by our contributors in real time - via our in app news dashboard. You'll be the first to see the exclusive content that's making headlines around you. 

  • Stay in the loop.  Keep up-to-date with everything you need to know via email including the progress of your uploads.

You can also follow us on your favourite social media sites to stay informed of breaking news, highlights and trending content.