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How iWitnessUpload works?  

I want to sell my newsworthy videos and photos.


Capture Newsworthy Videos & Photos

Instead of being a witness, become a contributor! Keep an eye out for newsworthy content and film it!


Upload Your Videos & Photos

Have your media reviewed and either placed to auction, or made available for instant purchase by the iWitnessUpload team.


Have Your Content Distributed

Your upload is instantaneously distributed through our newswire platform to media outlets around the world! When a broadcaster purchases your content, you get paid. 

I want to buy newsworthy

videos and photos.


Browse & Select Newsworthy Content

Break news in real time with our platform that’s tailor-made for the news gathering process.

Bid / Purchase & Download


Bid or purchase the videos and photos you desire. Download the original (watermark free) media ready for broadcast.

Broadcast & Promote


Use the content as you need, with full creative licensing granted to promote the content under your brand.

Our Platform

Available to Broadcasters & Media Buyers

Bid / Purchase

Make an outright purchase or place a bid on a piece of content that is live for auction!

Content Requests

Contact iWitnessUpload contributors to request videos/photos of a developing story or incident.

Browse & Search For Content

Define your search for videos and photos by geography or by their description. View content in high demand by other buyers.

Proprietary Content

View watermarked versions of the content, designed to protect the original owner and buyers.

Auctions Ending Soon

View auctions that are about to end so you never miss out.  

Auction Status

Receive live updates from all of your auctions in progress. Be notified immediately when you've been outbid.

Our app

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Upload videos & photos 

Submit videos/photos whenever you witness a newsworthy event!

Cash Out

Withdraw earnings to a nominated bank account anytime

News Dashboard

See what others are uploading and view the latest published by iWitnessUpload

Connect & Contact 

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iWitnessUpload is a powerful journalism tool that connects every person using our platform with news organisations around the world.


We give media organisations access to your breaking news content, whilst empowering individuals to take the news into their own hands, be part of the story, and be paid for their contributions.


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